Coping With MS After You Are Diagnosed

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Part of coping with MS is learning as much as you can about the disease and what the symptoms are as well as how they will affect the quality of your life. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease; this means that your body's immune system is no longer functioning correctly. To be more specific your immune system sees the cells in the myelin sheath that protects your brain and spinal column as invaders and releases anti bodies that destroy perfectly good cells. The resulting scarring causes the various symptoms associated with MS.

Perhaps the most important part of coping with MS is learning what you can do to minimize the effect that these symptoms are going to have on your body and your lifestyle. There are going to be some changes that have to be made, the trick is to find out as much information as you can regarding making your life easier. It is possible with a regimen that includes medications and diet to control the relapses or eliminate them for long periods of time.

The hardest part of coping with MS for many people is the realization that they have a disease for which there is, according to the scientific community, no known cure. The first reactions are usually anger, confusion and depression. These are all perfectly normal reactions and are to be expected; to help deal with them you should join a support group. Support groups are made up of people who have all had to face the same diagnosis and have learned to come to terms with it. With their help and support you can learn to cope with it.

Get your family and friends involved, let them know that because you have multiple scleroses there are going to be times when you may need their help. There will be days when you may be unable to do the things you would normally do; having people around you that can help will go a long way in coping with MS.  With proper care you should still be able to work for many years, take the time to explain your situation to your employer so that they can make the necessary allowances for those days when you are suffering a relapse. Most of all the best way to cope with MS is to keep a positive attitude and take very good care of yourself.

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Coping With MS After You Are Diagnosed

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This article was published on 2010/04/25