Other Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment to Try Besides Medication

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Multiple sclerosis alternative treatment can offer you places that conventional treatments cannot. You may be able to mitigate or even reverse the disease process to some degree, enabling you to decrease your medication and stay mobile and walking. There are numerous different new programs that have helped many MS patients over the years. If you cannot bear multiple sclerosis medicines or simple come to a decision that they are not good enough there are a number of different options to look at.


Diet is perhaps the most important consideration to make in your multiple sclerosis alternative treatment. Since MS has to do with the scarring of nerves due to inflammation most related diets focus on removing foods from your diet that increase inflammation.  Foods such as red meats, processed foods, and anything with saturated fats can increase inflammation.  Often wheat or any other food containing gluten is removed and the diet focuses mainly on fresh fruits, vegetables and fish with some grains and legumes.


A multiple sclerosis treatment may also contain supplements or herbs. There are a number of different supplements that people with MS may be deficient in or may benefit from.  Most notably are omega fatty acids that can be obtained from supplements and fish or nuts. It is said that most people with the condition are lacking in these fatty acids, and by increasing the amount of omega fatty acids people will often see a reduction of symptoms.


Magnesium, also often deficient in those with MS, helps with a number of things including the conversion of linoleic acid, a fatty acid, which if not present is sufficient amounts can aggravate symptoms. Other supplements to include in your multiple sclerosis alternative treatment include selenium, manganese, B12, B6 as well as many other basic supplements.


Supplementation with vitamins, minerals and herbs is best done under the supervision of a practitioner whether an alternative medicine practitioner or your regular doctor so that they can monitor your multiple sclerosis, and your medications. An alternative practitioner will know best how to balance out the nutrients that you need to give you the best results for your treatment.


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Other Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment to Try Besides Medication

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This article was published on 2010/05/20